Hear my Song of Praise.

Monday is here, and so my favorite list, a gratitude list for the endless gifts I have received from my God. (#560- 580)

“O God, I adore You as the Author and Giver of every good and every perfect gift. You are daily loading me with Your benefits. Every returning morning brings with it fresh causes for gratitude—new material for praise. I bless You for Your temporal bounties—”how great has been the sum of them!”

Lord, thank you for friends over for lunch after Church.

Two young men and a Grandfather flying safely home.

My  Beloved’s diligence.

Rain pouring, us holding hands while watching it; and the question in the air; How do you hold so much water in the palm of your hand and let it flow in just a second?

Perfect hail.

Green grass.

Plucking apples and oranges from our trees, and the question again…How can you make grow from a small seed a tree, a flower, a fruit? I know my biology, but to be true, this amazes me. How can this be? Why did you choose to “invent” this beautiful, perfect way to feed us such delicious fruits?

Perfect sandwiches and the so many compliments from my Beloved!

My son’s passion for drawing.

A godly teacher that has inspired him to keep filling his sketchbook.

A delicious frozen key lime pie, a gift from a grateful friend.

Him in a cold, freezing cold room, with me.

Songs of praise.

Poetry that glorifies Him.

A snail and a little girl wondering about it.

Staring a summer of prayer here in our home. (this book, my first companion)

Friends that just finished their first year of homeschooling.

Friends ending a cycle of homeschooling.

Summer reading lists.

Grace Gems

“Lord, this day shine upon me with the light of Your countenance; may every mercy I experience in the course of it be hallowed and sweetened by the thought that it comes from God. And, while ever mindful and thankful in the midst of present mercies, teach me to keep in view the crowning mercy of all—the hope of at last sharing Your presence and full fruition, and of joining in the eternal ascription with the ransomed multitude above, who cease not day nor night to celebrate Your praises.

Bless all near and dear to me. Defend them by your might power.Give them, too, gratitude for mercies past and the sure and well-grounded hope of a glorious inheritance in that better world, where mercy is unmixed with judgment, and joy undarkened by sorrow. And all I ask is for Jesus’ sake. Amen.

“Cause me to hear Your loving-kindness in the morning, for in You do I trust.”

Quotes from Grace Gems
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