The Bruised Reed -chapters 12 and 13-

Tim Challies invited us to read The Bruised Reed, a Puritan classic by Richard Sibbes, and this is the seventh post on the series. (Part one is here, part two is here, part three, part four, part five, part six)

While reading these chapters which are so beautiful and descriptive, I though I would write my review as in a simple short story.

12. Christ’s Wise Government, and 13. Grace Shall Reign.

In a land not so far from us, a land that resembles the heart of the sinner, his thoughts, and his will; a desolate land always in darkness, lived stone-hearted-men. These men were always longing and seeking, even though they did not know what exactly they wanted to find. Their nature was evil, and none, not even one wanted to do good. None of them wanted to be in the light, they were afraid of it, they loved darkness.

Their lives were like the wind, blowing hard and never able to be restrained, their women were always quarreling in the streets, in the market, just like a continual dripping that never ceases; their children and youth were free, or so they thought, because their parents had believed their ruler, The Prince of Darkness, and never loved them, never instructed them, All were selfish, each was looking for his own pleasures to be satisfied.

But God, Light himself, looked upon them, and had mercy on them. He sent the Prince of Peace to the land of war, to the land of despair, and he dwelt among them; but they were so blind, that could not recognize Him. They despised Him, and killed Him.

The Prince of Peace was Life itself and could not stay in the grave, He overcame the Prince of Darkness, and with His life He ransomed many of the stoned-hearted-men.

The Prince of Peace took those He chose, and brought them out of darkness into His admirable Light, He brought them into a new kingdom, the Kingdom of Light. He loved these sinners when they did not love Him, and changed their stone-hearted-men into a heart willing to love, He gave them a new name, Covenant People, and sealed them with His own Spirit, so even though, many looked as weak as a bruised reed, the Prince of Darkness could not drag them away from the light, no matter how hard he tried, they belonged to the Prince of Light. It was Grace and everlasting Love that bounded them to their new King.

The Covenant People, started a New Life, it was not easy, because the darkness was always trying to pull them away from the Light, they still had family and friends in that kingdom, and they had to live among them, and shine in their midst.

Living under a New King, in a world full of darkness was hard at times, some were persecuted, some others were always fighting against a desire within them that did not  let them do as they wanted; some wondered if they were really victorious, but the King of Light always reminded them that He was there, by their side, that He had conquered and had given them weapons and means to stand victoriously through the darkest nights.

The government of the King of Light was wise, He knew that his new Covenant People, needed not external laws to bring condemnation, so He wisely wrote with His finger dipped in His own blood, His laws in their hearts, and gave them a desire to obey them. He knew them, he remember their weak condition and because of His great mercy, gave them His Spirit and put on their Hands His Sword.

The Covenant People could now walk in light because Light abided in them.

They were weak, but they knew that The Prince of Light was Victorious, and was always on their side.

Tomorrow, Megan will be sharing with us about Using Timelines with our Little Ones.

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3 Responses to “The Bruised Reed -chapters 12 and 13-”

  1. What a beautiful way to summarize the chapters! It was wonderfully uplifting!

  2. How wonderful, Becky! This is a great way to summarize these chapters; it makes it much more memorable to me.

    Even though we look as weak as a bruised reed, we can’t be dragged away from the Light. A beautiful image.

    It’s also nice seeing a picture of Sibbes. He looks so royal in that clothing. :-)

    From one Covenant Person to another,

  3. Wow!! Beautifully written allegory Becky! I especially loved:

    “The government of the King of Light was wise, He knew that his new Covenant People, needed not external laws to bring condemnation, so He wisely wrote with His finger dipped in His own blood, His laws in their hearts, and gave them a desire to obey them.”

    Thank you for sharing.
    Blessings be upon you today dear sister!

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