A Cross where the Christmas Tree was

In the same place where we had our Christmas Tree, we now have the cross with art images . Jesus was born to die. He was born as a baby to grow and die; to atone for the sins of many.

Reminders, places to stop and look at. Times to set apart and meditate and think of what the cross really means.

Where I am today has to do with the cross;  if I have been saved by God’s grace, then it is because of God’s Son on the cross bearing my guilt, my death; if I am still living in sin, it is in the cross where I see clearly what God thinks of sin, and how He punishes it with a fierce wrath.

The cross should make us think of the glorious life that we now have and at the same time of the horrors of sin.

Sin, a word, not so used lately, even among Evangelicals, (I hear them only talk about the “promises they must claim”, and the “joy of the Lord”), was  nailed on the cross, because of Jesus’ sacrifice  now I am free from the bondage of sin, but I am also in a daily battle… What am I doing to fight against that sin that still wants to have dominion over me?

I must fix my eyes upon Jesus, and not forget the cross.

A beautiful lesson of repentance by Elise.

Dianne, shared this beautiful images.

This coming Friday, my dear friend Eileen, will be sharing with us, The Love of Reading…join us, and share your thoughts with us.

9 Responses to “A Cross where the Christmas Tree was”

  1. [...] of this Holy Week; so we purposefully stop, morning and night and read, meditate, and hang on the cross  which stands on the place where the Christmas Tree was, an art image that reminds us of His passion, of His Road to [...]

  2. Wow!
    Sorry, I’m a bit out of touch with main stream church. Has sin become an “unmentionable” word while i was away? Father, please forgive me and forgive my brothers and sisters in and out of Christ, for we all have sinned and fall short of your amazing Glory.

    My wife tells me in the movie, “THE PASSION” by Mel Gibson, Mel plays a cameo appearance in the scene when the spikes are driven into the hands of the Christ. It is his hands that drive the nails. That’s the reminder for me today. It was my sins that nailed him to the Cross and my sins and the sins of the world for which he died.

    Thought provoking words today sister. thank you for keeping it real.

  3. Hi Becky, I’ve been meaning to get back over here (checked your place out some time ago when I saw a comment you’d posted at HCB about blogging in English and Spanish), and time’s gotten away from me these past weeks (months?). So I’m so glad you stopped by today!

    But…I can’t find your Spanish place…and I’d so like to! Point me?

    I appreciate this post, the reminder of the cross. It’s so easy to pick and choose those things that don’t force us to look at this hard thing, this painful thing. And yet it’s in His pain and His sorrow and His suffering that we find everything that truly matters.

  4. it´s a great idea to use the same place of the christmas tree to put the cross.
    As my kids are to old to use pictures, my husband and I have decided to read a Charles Spurgeon´s sermon every day . we chose the sermon´s themes in according to the Holy week´s days. Is the first time we do somethimg like this with my daughter and son and I´m so excited to start. I´ve so many memories of the Holy week in the church when I was a little girl that now I hope we can make our own tradition for our family.

    Love you

  5. So neat sis!!.. We need those visuals to be remnded at this time in particular. We start this Friday.. lighted candles untl sunday blowing one at a time each day… I’m excited..

  6. Beautiful.

    Let us cleave to that “Old Rugged Cross”. One day, we shall exchange it for a crown!

  7. Thank you for such a thought provoking post today. I love the idea of the cross being where the Christmas tree stood a few months ago. Seeing that image every time that you walk by has to have a very sobering effect on those who view it. A great remembrance. Thanks for sharing!

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