Have You Seen The New Image of my Blog?

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I am so grateful to my husband and children! They gave me as a birthday present a whole new design for my blogs…(you will soon can NOW see some changes in my Spanish blog too)


Have you seen the new image on Daily On My Way to Heaven?


I would love to see you there!

Daily on My Way to Heaven, Under His Sun by His Grace.

P.S. Thank you for journeying with me!

And You keep Visiting this Place…

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…and I love to see you keep on coming!

I am still writing about my daily journey under the sun by His Grace. Come join me, be a sojourner!

Daily on My Way to Heaven is now here.


I Will Not Longer Be Here -Moving this Blog-

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Dear friends,

Today I will be moving this space to somewhere else, please come and follow me, I would love to see you there! (“Why I moved?” read about it here)

Daily On My Way To Heaven

(don't forget to bookmark it!)

This space, however, will be still open for you to come and read through the archives in a quiet evening.

Thank you…and see you “around the corner”, one click away from here.

Sunday’s Psalms

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This is what we are listening today.

“My Cry Ascends is a graceful collection of new Psalms and hymns for the church composed by Greg Wilbur. The music is recorded in a folk tradition with elements of Celtic style and southern harmony. Listeners will enjoy the hardy musical instrumentation: piano, viola, flutes, tin whistle, acoustic guitar, mandolin, bagpipe, hammer dulcimer and percussion..

Keep reading…

May this Lord’s day be one full of praises, and songs, and psalms!

Just a note: I bought my own copy in iTunes!

What About a Mexican Salsa?

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The recipe for this weekend, Mexican salsa made in a Molcajete, from my kitchen to yours!

The most probable thing is that you don't own a Molcajete,
but don't worry, you can use a food processor, or a blender.

From the Mercado:

6 round tomatoes

4 green tomatillos

3 serrano chiles

1 medium onion cut in fourths.

3 garlic cloves

1 bunch of fresh cilantro

salt to taste

The Secret:

The secret to this salsa is this:

Roast all the ingredients until their skin is a bit burned.

Yes, you read well, roast all the ingredients over the stove top, (and if you have a gas stove it’s even better) roast them directly on the fire! (Use tongs to turn them over)

Then put all the blackened ingredients in the molcajete or food processor. I am assuming you will use a food processor, so pulse few times being careful not to make it all liquid; we want to have some little chunks here and there.


Next time you see a molcajete, don’t hestitate, buy one!

Another salsa recipe, worth “seeing” is the one Gennine posted here.

On Code Writing

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When he came to me early this week saying, “Mom, may I post something on your blog?” I was super excited! So today, my Son, who loves to draw, and keep treasures and notebooks,the one who is always trying to learn something new, is my guest blogger.


This is one of my son's drawings.

Codes can not only be used in Wars or Top Secret documents, but also in having fun. Even though codes are fun when using them, it is not that fun when you write them out for the first time. It will take a while, thinking of all the little symbols, and it also will take patience, because code writing is not exactly what some people would call “fun.”

There are easy, simple codes, difficult codes, and the third type, which I like to call “insane” codes. The first type, the G rated codes, are simple, easy to memorize, symbols. No upper or lower case; only one symbol per letter. This kind of code, of course, is the best one to start with when you are a rookie in code writing. It is painless but entertaining at the same time. The PG-13 rated codes are not easy; not at all. You have to write an upper and lower case for every single letter and use more crazy symbols. You think that’s all? No, there’s more “fun”! You also have to make a symbol for every single preposition, conjunction, and subordinating conjunction. If you just fainted, that’s a normal symptom. And finally, for the grand finale, I present you, the Beast; the R rated code; the dark side of code writing. Darth Vader. Not Luke Skywalker, not Obi Kenobi; Darth Vader. This code is vicious. The description can be resumed in thirteen words: make a symbol for every single word ever invented in the whole planet. If you have reached the doors of heaven, that’s a normal symptom.

To memorize your code, you can do it the boring, cheap way, or the fun, awesome way. The boring one is to sit on an old stool with your code in front of you and write the same letter or word over and over until you have memorized it. Then you move to the next one. Write, write, write, write, write. Memorize. Change to a different word or letter. Write, write, write, write, write. Memorize. Change to a different word or letter and so on! See? It is boring. The fun, awesome, party, cake-fight way is way better. You take a piece of paper and start writing with the code. If you don’t know a symbol, look for it in your code guide. The trick is to just keep writing and writing with your code. Eventually, you will have looked up the same word so many times, that you already will have it in your brain, memorized.

So code writing is always fun, no matter what type you use. So far, I have just used the PG-13 code, and have written 4 of them. But when you write a code and have memorized it, make sure you keep using it! At least once a day, just to always have it fresh; otherwise you’ll forget it. I say that from personal experience. And one last thing, if you ever do a VILE, R RATED code, let me know how it goes; I’m not doing one.

If you’re wondering how my “love” for codes started, ask my mom*, or memorize the Greek Alphabet.

*Mom here:
Just to let you know (in case you were wondering)
my son's love for codes started the year we studied
And, of course, he is not displaying pictures of his
codes, because those are "top-secret"!

On Being a Wife

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Enjoy life with the wife whom you love, all the days of your vain life that he has given you under the sun, because that is your portion in life and in your toil at which you toil under the sun.” Eccl.9:9 ESV (emphasis mine)

This we read tonight at the family table, and these words struck me hard. The advice is for the husband, “Enjoy life with the wife whom you love…” but I am in there too; I am the wife whom  my Beloved loves, and the questions here are these:  Am I a joy to live with? Am I being the kind of wife he would enjoy being all the days of his life? Am I being lovable?

God has blessed me indeed with a godly man whom I know loves me dearly and esteems me high. He bears with me and my sinful nature every day, but all these makes the challenge even greater… Am I really being every day the wife God wants me to be to make my Beloved’s life more enjoyable with me?

I have not walked an extra mile lately to serve him better, to love him more, to make his life happier; and this I promised once, on the altar before God.

Being a wife is more than just being there, managing the house well and being a super-mom. Sometimes, I forget that he married me to be his wife, his companion, his best friend and lover forever; it was later that I became the mom of his children.

When I said “Yes”  I was 20 years old, 18 years have passed and I am still a wife on the making.


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